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Why the IKON PASS? Enhance athletic performance with concepts of harmony. Get input and feedback. Our emblematic lessons are branded to make the them easy to remember. Video helps us relate it to you. There are two steps: 1. Sign up here through the registration and check out. 2. Then send us a short video from your phone or computer, a couple of turns, along with your thoughts to: Send the video from your iPhone, Android devise, or computer, of you skiing or riding and we will analyze and return it via email, or to your iPhone. We will return it with expert analysis, and lessons for practice, from the RIDE THE SNOW IN HARMONY® and WHAT ANIMAL ARE YOU?® playbook. Remember: Download HERE > Shopping cart Send video THERE > Future videos are 1/2 off, and you will receive updates and new issues of the branded lessons with the IKON PASS™. Use: Previously 19.95, you can now get the IKON PASS Starter set for $10.00