Dance With Nature

“When the ancients come riding on a Mighty Mantiou Wind”

from Emerson, Truth, and a Medicine Wheel

Follow  your   heart  up  the   rivers  and  roads,  to   the   place   where   all   movement
is  in  harmony   with   energy   from   the  Earth.  That's  where the   Fundamental 
Movement of  Athletics™
  synchronizes the bodies relationship to energy
with   the   direction  of   travel,   spiraling   to  and   from  a  right 
angle,   in    the   Universal    Sequence    of    Motion™.

And   it's   where   shapes,   relationships,  and
directions   harmonize   in   nature
, forming our unified expression  
of   athletics.

This  Dance  With  Nature™, skiing, surfing,  boarding,   kiting, sailing, and what has been, or
will  become, is  a