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     It makes sence that the easiest way to learn to ski and ride, is also the safest, and consistent with safe practices.  
     They are not just what your body can be made to do, but what it does with the least effort, because they are natural.
     But are they generally taught in ski schools?  Not always.  That's where RIDE IN HARMONY™,  and its SHAPED TEACHING™     method come in.


ACL Awareness Compliant ®

RIDE THE SNOW IN HARMONY™ lessons, RIDEINHARMONY™,  AND SHAPED TEACHING™, its teaching method, are consistent with advise and practices about how to avoid the most common major injuries to the knee, and we have evolved some of our own common sense practices, to boot.  Oh yeah, that's one of them.  Get the right boot, and learn your size in "ski talk" so you know what you are getting. 
Spring break is about here so here are a couple reminders, and where to get help.
What causes an ACL to shear or snap?  An inward twist of the outside knee, that's excessive or sudden, sometimes in a turn, a fall, or upon landing from a jump.  
What USUALLY starts the excessive internal twist? The turn-side(TM), inside, hand drops back and in, taking the rest of the body with it, while the outside foot is stationary, trapped, or posted in one place.  Know where you are going and point in that direction.

Is this a simplification? Yes, but it's true in about seventy percent of the ACL ruptures, the most common major ski injury.

   ACL Checklist:
      1. Know your size foot and the boot you are given.
                 They should be the same size or tighter, fitting like a glove, to move when your foot does.  Ski Boots are sized in Mondopoint.  A size 8 in a regular shoe, is a marked as 26. 2+6=8 so size26 in a ski boot is equal to size 8 in a reglar shoe.  Getting a larger boot than your foot size can be like installing loose steering on a car
2. Turnside(TM) hand forward, RIH style. Our First three lessons, train you to move the hands forward.  A safe practice. There are others out there.
3. Two footed foot movements. Lesson 4. Tail of the Dolphin,   Learn at your own pace on slopes you are comfortable skiing and riding, then work up.
4. Alignment, early in the ski career.  "Prophylactic" arrest of inward rotation of the femur or knee. Huh!  Whuzzat?  Talk to your shop pros about getting your stance adjusted in your boot with a foot bed, especially if your knees touch before your ankles do when you draw them together.  You may not be getting the support that you need from the edge of both skis at the same time. 
5. There is more but this is a start.. Anterior_cruciate_ligament
The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the four major ligaments of the human knee.



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The opinions expressed are those of Cary Thompson and Ride In Harmony, llc.  We've attempted to attribute direct quotes with links, and acknowledge the understanding of the issue comes from myriad sources.